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 Specialization Unlocks BCUS 98152

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PostSubject: Specialization Unlocks BCUS 98152   Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:17 am

Tilly- megaupload.com VYOU3Z28

Motoko- megaupload.com KMQ1GZR1

Alice- megaupload.com 3EFN04QN

Vera- megaupload.com NP7KLUZY

Glady- megaupload.com M7JWTYP9

Gloria- megaupload.com UWH06GIL

1st ....Set your specialization to what you want..then back out make sure it autosaves.

2nd...Download bitzipper,winzip150,winrar...either or.

3rd...Download the file from here that you want then extract it.

4th...Open the extracted file and drag and drop the PS3 folder to your usb.

5th... Insert the flash into your ps3 go to game save data utility delete the original socom data then go up to your usb hit x then triangle and then select Copy.

6th...Log online and enjoy!

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Specialization Unlocks BCUS 98152
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